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Opening address and table introductions


Interactive Panel Session

The complexities and best practices of running programmes across many regions, countries and language variants.

Running a successful, recognisable, single loyalty programme the world over is a big challenge. This panel will share advice on how to prioritise economies of scale, consider the need for and implementation of localisation, and internally manage multi-region launches and updates.


Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) course delivered by the Loyalty Academy

Course Title: Building a Next-Gen CVP (Customer Value Proposition)

Course Description: Currency-based loyalty models will always have a place, but the future will be oriented to building great customer experience and emotional connections with customers. You’ll learn what is needed to create these forward-looking customer loyalty models.


Coffee Break


Are Loyalty Programs obsolete in a hyper-personalised world?  Presented by Marigold

Explore the concept of loyalty, alternative strategies to drive advocacy, and the future landscape, using real-world brand examples. The conclusion will prompt a discussion on the necessity of loyalty programs in light of the changing consumer landscape and potential alternatives to foster customer loyalty.


Interactive Panel session 

Rewarding customers with your social and eco-credentials in mind.  

Benchmark your business values to your loyalty proposition  This panel discussion will look at a range of different initiatives that brands can integrate into their programme propositions to align with modern sustainability and social responsibility goals


Quantifying the role of empathy in customer experience with Peter Dorrington, from Anthrolytics

 The data is clear; when factors such as price and performance are equal, it is empathy that drives customer loyalty.

In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn how to harness the power of empathy to build a robust business case for investment in your customer loyalty initiatives.


Close and Networking Drinks

Sponsors and Partners


Helen Thomson

Global Programme Manager, Payment and Loyalty, Vivo Energy

Sian Larsen

Senior Customer Rewards Manager, The Post Office

Camilo Courtenay

Global Loyalty Lead, Avolta

John Tsaousidis

Enterprise Strategy & Architect Principal, Marigold

Matt Hully

Director of CRM & Loyalty, FARFETCH

Bill Hanifin

CEO Wise Marketer Group

Nick Watson

VP Client Success EMEA, Marigold

Sara Matarrubia Calvo

Global Loyalty Director | MeliáRewards & Meliá PRO

Peter Dorrington

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Anthrolytics Ltd

Bill Alexander

B Leader & Business Coach

Nohelia Rambal

CEO & Founder, & Lifecycle Marketing Lead for Europe at Mozilla

Isobel Finlayson

Senior Account Director (Partnerships) & Sustainability Lead at Mando

Kim van der Zande

CCO, Neoday